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One Stop

                                                  Jim and Nelda

Before starting One Stop, Jim was a building contractor. He and his wife Nelda had four children; J.D. Sheila, Michelle, and John. One day, Nelda needed to go and get a repair on her car. She came home and informed Jim of what had happened at the repair shop. She had been ripped off at an extreme amount. Right there, Jim decided to start an honest, caring business that puts the customers needs first.



Michelle came to work for One Stop in 1999 to help run the family business. She has grown into a successful administrator and oversees the finance department, public relations, human resource domains and much more.

John came to work for One Stop in 1995 to help run the family business. He has played a vital part of the growing and success of the Rosedale facility. He has since received his smog license, and has become an important member of the technician team while overseeing the operations of the Rosedale facility. .

John Whittington

Michelle Frost





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